Probabilistic Derendering of Camera Tone-mapped Images

Ayan Chakrabarti   Ying Xiong   Baochen Sun   Trevor Darrell   Daniel Scharstein   Todd Zickler   Kate Saenko

Interactively explore the inverse JPEG→RAW distributions we estimate for different cameras.
(SVG-capable browser required)


Ayan Chakrabarti, Ying Xiong, Baochen Sun, Trevor Darrell, Daniel Scharstein, Todd Zickler, and Kate Saenko, "Modeling Radiometric Uncertainty for Vision with Tone-mapped Color Images," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2014 (accepted). [arXiv pre-print]


Please click here for calibration data and estimated tone maps for various cameras.


Please click here for our code for calibration and computing the probabilistic inverse.